Interlake Healthcare Products sells various accessibility and mobility equipment at affordable prices. Our inventory includes wheelchairs, walking aids, lift chairs, and other home medical equipment. Visit us in Selkirk, MB to see our products for yourself. We are open from Monday to Saturday.

Reliable Brands and Manufacturers

Your well-being is our top priority, so we go out of our way to make sure that our products meet your needs. To ensure your happiness and satisfaction, we have partnered with some of the top manufacturers in the accessibility industry. We are a featured supplier of the following brands:

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Rental or Purchase Options

To make sure that you get the right accessibility solutions for your needs, we offer our products for rent or purchase. You can easily acquire any of our products on a rental basis for temporary healthcare needs. Additionally, you can purchase our items for your long term medical requirements.

Portable Scooter Rental

You can rent our portable scooters to move around your house and outside with ease. Our rates start at $25.00 a day. Contact us to reserve your preferred dates.

Financing Available

At Interlake Healthcare Products, we do our best to make our products accessible to as many clients as possible. For your benefit, we provide financing for all of our equipment.

Daily Living Solutions

Make everyday tasks easier with our reliable daily living equipment. Our accessibility products include:

  • Sock aids
  • Dressing sticks
  • Reachers
  • Long-handled scrubbers
Aids for Daily Living

Bathroom Safety

Bathroom safety equipment can help prevent bathing accidents from occurring. Additionally, simple additions to the bathroom can reduce the risk of injury, as well as promote independence.

Bathtub Options:

  • Transfer benches
  • Bath seats
  • Bathtub rails
  • Grab bars
  • Battery-operated bath lifts
  • Security poles

Toilet Options:

A raised toilet seat and toilet safety frames offer stability. These products also ensure a safe transfer on and off the toilet.

Bellavita Bath Lift

Walking Aids

If your ability to walk unassisted is affected by age or injury, Interlake Healthcare Products can help. We have a large selection of walking aids for you to choose from, including:

  • Underarm crutches
  • Forearm crutches
  • Quad canes
  • Regular canes
  • Hemi walkers


If you find it difficult to move around on your own, a walker might be the ideal mobility aid for you. With our walkers, you can greatly improve your ability to walk independently.

Knee Walkers

Knee walkers can comfortably and safely aid you in recovering from surgery or injury. Additionally, knee walkers provide more stability than traditional crutches.


When your movement is limited, you may not be able to live life to the fullest. With our wheelchairs, you can enhance your mobility and have a more enjoyable life. Our wheelchair options include transport Chairs, Basic and custom wheelchairs as well as Tilt and Recline Wheelchairs.

Mobility Scooters

If you find it difficult to move around and you need occasional mobility assistance, a powered mobility item might be the right solution for you. We have a large selection of scooters to meet your needs.

Accessibility Ramping

Wheelchair Ramps

Wheelchair ramps are typically used to improve home accessibility for people who cannot use stairs or need an easier way to enter or leave the property. There are several options of ramping, and you can choose one depending on your personal needs. Our team can assist you in determining what type of ramp will work best for you.

Custom Wooden Ramping

Depending on your personal needs you might need more of a custom ramp. We can offer you a more permanent ramping solution with wooden ramping. We offer free estimates for this, so feel free to give us a call.

Modular Ramping

Modular ramping provides the fastest, safest, and most efficient solution to your accessibility needs. It offers customized solutions to suit your requirements and the architecture of your home. If your needs change, the ramping can transition with you. For your peace of mind, our modular ramping is made of durable aluminum and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Portable Suitcase Ramps

The Portable Suitcase singlefold ramp is among the most user-friendly portable suitcase ramps on the market. After taking out 2 hinge pins, users are able to easily separate the portable, single-fold ramp into 2 lightweight sections with ergonomic handles.

Lift Chairs

Two-Position Lift Chair

If you enjoy the support that a recliner provides but find it difficult or impossible to sit down or stand up without assistance, a two-position lift chair is an ideal option for you. A two-position lift chair allows for 2 distinct positions, namely, “straight” and “TV recline.” The chair’s back and ottoman operate in tandem, so the backrest reclines as the footrest raises.

Three-Position Lift Chair

Three-position lift chairs, which are the most popular lift chair models, operate similarly to two-position lift chairs. However, three-position lift chairs recline further and elevate the legs higher. Three-position lift chairs are widely used by people who are unable to sleep in standard beds.

Infinite Recline Lift Chair

Infinite position lift chairs are the top-of-the-line lift chairs. These lift chairs incorporate 2 motors to allow you to adjust the position and foot elevation independently of each other. The lift chair also enables you to recline into a position that is similar to the zero-gravity position, which helps reduce lower back pain. In addition, you can recline your feet above your heart to relieve swelling in your legs and ankles.

Hospital Beds and Bedroom Accessories

You may need a hospital bed when recovering from an illness or injury. A hospital bed is also ideal if your mobility becomes limited due to aging or other health concerns. At Interlake Healthcare Products, we have hospital beds for rent or purchase, along with a large variety of accessories to meet all of your bedroom healthcare needs.

Compression Socks and Sleeves

Compression stockings are designed to improve the blood flow in your legs. If you have spider veins or varicose veins, or if you have just had surgery, your doctor may prescribe compression stockings. Wearing stockings can help relieve aching, swelling, and heaviness in the legs or arms. In addition, wearing compression socks and sleeves can prevent blood clots, which may occur after surgery or an injury.

If you require compression stockings, visit Interlake Healthcare Products. We have a large selection of prescription and non-prescription stockings.

Our team is licensed to fit you properly for your compression needs. We also do in-home fittings when required.

Sports Braces

We offer a range of braces that provide prescription-strength support, which helps relieve the discomfort associated with sprains, strains, and other musculoskeletal disorders. Our sports braces can also help keep you active and independent. Aside from sports braces, we carry hernia belts, clavicle straps, binders, and back braces.


We are a proud supplier of medical-grade TENA products. Visit our shop today to get your free sample. For information about TENA, reach out to our team.

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